Title of Video: I Am Ruby Bridges

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Length of Video: 1 Minutes


Black History/Women's History Month/Historical/1st grade up to Adult Ruby Bridges at her current age of 61 as of 2021, telling of her experience as the first black child to integrate a southern white school in the 1950's, in the United States.

Education Standards For:   I Am Ruby Bridges

Social Studies, Grades K-2 -Historical Understandings standards related to key historical figures;  Geographic Understandings of how historic figure was influenced by his/her time and place.  Government/Civics Understandings standards related to Positive Traits of historic figures.
Social Studies - Grade 5 - Historical Understandings standards related to Analyzing the effects of Jim Crow laws and practices and explaining key events and people in the Civil Rights Movement;  Government/Civic Understandings standards related to the concept of how a citizen's rights are protected under the Constitution.
 Social Studies, Grades 9-12 - American Government/Civics standards related to understanding civil liberties and civil rights under the Constitution;  US History Standards related to Understanding major domestic issues and their social effects, including those related to the Civil Rights Movement, the growth, influence and tactics of civil rights groups, and the social and political turmoil of the 1960's.
Special Enrichment for Black History Month (February) or Women's History Month (March). 

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