Title of Video: POETRY: Edgar Allan Poe

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Poems with short historical sketch - Grade 6 - Adult Bio, The Raven & Annabel Lee

Education Standards For:   POETRY: Edgar Allan Poe

ELA, Grades 6-8 - Reading Literary and Informational standards regarding an understanding of what the text says explicit and what can be inferred, the central idea and how it is conveyed, understanding and analysis of how the plot unfolds and characters respond or change, understanding and ability to analyze words, sentences, stanzas, including figurative meanings, Craft and Structure points of a narrator and characters.  Standards related to Writing/Speaking/Listening when used in conjunction to Josie's writing/discussion guides.
ELA, Grades 9-12 - Reading Literary and Information standards related to the use of textual evidence and inferences to support analysis, determination of a theme or central idea of text and how it is developed or emerges through the course of the text; analysis of how characters (or the narrator) develops over the course of the text, how the experiences and interactions of characters advance plot or develop theme, and how specific ideas or events are introduced to develop the theme or central idea and how a series of ideas or events are ordered and unfolded. Standards related to Writing/Speaking/Listening when used in conjunction with Josie's writing/discussion guides.

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