Inspired to become a storyteller after months of volunteer work at her son's elementary school as a story reader, little did she realize she was beginning a new career as a Storyteller. Josie Bailey has performed in hundreds of schools, churches, festivals, and retirement community centers. Since 1993, Ms. Bailey has been touring the southeastern United States to share the art of storytelling.

Get ready for a delightful experience. . . in the form of Josie Bailey! Travel on a voyage of discovery, humor and understanding as she captures imaginations and transports you to another place, another time.

Through body movements, literary magical voices, dialects and colorful garments, Josie presents original stories and beloved works that will delight all ages. Her stories often reflect her African-American roots, and a bit of history. When presented in the classroom, these stories create bridges of understanding as well as enhancement to the curriculum.

The adult world is just as captivated. Josie is known as "a phenomenal and creative entertainer." Josie takes her audience through an educational adventure as she tells the tales of Aesop, Uncle Remus, Anansi and others that stand as legends for many, Josie's recitations inspire many in her audience to read more. Her performances reach, inspire and entertain.

Born just south of Atlanta, she is a graduate of Georgia State University. Josie performs widely in the Southeastern United States. She was included in Owl's Tree Bookstore/Bellsouth Family Communications Project that appeared on WSB TV and WCGL TV.

In a world of high technology, we can easily forget about the days of old. The magic of listening to stories of lands where animals talk and unimaginable things happen, shouldn't be missed. Living words present a magical power helping all ages to dream, to hope and to imagine.

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Headshot photo Josie

Headshot photo Josie