Laughter Yoga

Headshot of Josie in her laughter yoga attire

Josie’s “Laughter Yoga Wellness” program is the most fun you will ever have in an exercise class, while you enjoy the naturally built in benefits of deep breathing, rhythmic movement and laughing. Laughter Yoga is applicable to people of all ages and levels of fitness. And it’s fun!

Laughter releases certain chemicals from your brain called endorphins. Endorphins create a natural sense of well-being and positivity, while reducing physical, mental and emotional stress.

Headshot of Josie in her laughter yoga attire
As a Certified Laughter Yoga leader, Josie regularly presents her stress-relieving sessions at venues around the Southeast, including schools, libraries, places of business, and conferences and events.
Contact Josie for a Laughter Yoga session, and get a good cardio workout while having fun, or go to the Virtual Offerings on this site using the Virtual Laughter Yoga DVD to help you relax during these difficult times.  Find out how deep breathing, bending, stretching and having a good laugh can help you be more effective in your daily life and can actually be good for your physical and mental health!

Before beginning any exercise regiment, always check with your doctor.

Four poses of Josie doing laughter yoga
Headshot of Josie in her laughter yoga attire


Josie’s Laughter Yoga sessions at schools teach young people a set of skills to deal with the stressors they face. She also does sessions for the teaching and admin staff. She can present to small groups (in a classroom) or large groups (in an auditorium), just before standardized tests, during exam periods for middle and high school students, or at the beginning of school.
Headshot of Josie in her laughter yoga attire


Sessions reach broad community groups of all ages. In 2014, Josie won a grant from the Atlanta Fulton County Public Library System to present a Laughter for Health program at every library in the system. Public response was terrific, and Josie continues to perform in a number of library systems.
Headshot of Josie in her laughter yoga attire

Business, conferences, events

Stress can interfere with achievement. That’s why businesses and business groups engage Josie to teach their employees and members how to relieve stress and focus on achieving objectives.