Josie knows that she has the best job in the world. She captivates an audience with her stories! She finds hope and inspiration in the stories of the lives of people of today and from our history. She helps people grieve and celebrate the joy in their lives. With her presentations and narratives, Josie takes her audiences on imaginative journeys to reach new insights and understanding. She enjoys helping her audiences laugh their way to greater health and serenity with her Laughter Yoga Wellness classes.

In her classes, you are guaranteed to get a good cardio workout and have fun! Deep breathing and stretching while laughing can be good for you.

Josie was born and raised south of Atlanta. She graduated from Georgia State University and worked in a number of jobs in business. Her true calling however, was Storytelling. She discovered this gift more than 20 years ago, while volunteering as a story reader at her son’s school. Josie was hooked immediately, beginning her new and exciting career.

Josie has extensive experience across the Southeast United States. She has held a variety of audiences including festivals, museums, public schools, libraries and senior centers. Her gift of storytelling transcends audiences from all walks of life!

Josie has authored several books and has a collection of spoken word CD’s.

Josie is a member of Toastmasters, KUUMBA Storytellers of Georgia, Southern Order of Storyteller of GA and Laughter Yoga, International.

Headshot photo of Josie
"If history was taught in stories it would never be forgotten."
Rudyard Kipling